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Terms and Conditions


The conditions describe:

- the order of access to the "T.EXchange" service for performing operations;

- the procedure for managing the account, the procedure for performing transactions through the service;

- the order of issuing orders;

- types of transactions and the order of their conduct;

- the rules of the users with the service.



"Bitcoin" - depending on the context (1) a decentralized peer-to-peer system for exchanging transaction data between Bitcoin-purses, or (2) a Blockchain-based software data medium that allows you to make changes to Blockchain.


"Bitcoin-wallet" - special software that provides data exchange between users of the Bitcoin system.


"Blockchain" is a distributed database of transactions committed between Bitcoin-purses.


"T.EXchange" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") is a software complex that provides users with the technical opportunity to exchange information about their intention to conduct a crypto currency exchange operation for electronic money or Money.


"Bitcoin Balance-User's Wallet" - summary information about all data exchange operations between Bitcoin-User's purse and Bitcoin-purses of other users of the network.


"Crypto currency exchange rate on service" - the price of the Bitcoin Title Bits (BTC), expressed in Title Bits USDT, and vice versa.


"Personal account" - the program part of the Service, access to which is limited by the login and password, through which the User is able to perform transactions and keep records of his activity on the Service.


"Bitcoin-purse replenishment operation" is the operation of exchanging data in the Bitcoin system between Bitcoin-users purses, which is conditionally displayed by the system as a change in the Balance of Bitcoin-purses of participants of such exchange operation.


"Order" is a control order accepted by the Service from the User expressing its intention on the conditions listed in it to make an exchange operation with the selected type and number of Title Signs.

"User" means any individual who has registered on the Service and has access to the Personal Area.


"Account of the User" means the User's virtual account on the Service, through which the Title Signs are maintained on the Service.


"Title signs" are the units of accounting for the Bitcoin crypto currency, as well as the Cash in the Service system used to implement the purposes for which the Service is used.




Registration on the service means that the User unconditionally accepts (accepts) these Terms and the Privacy Policy of the Service, and agrees to comply with them.


The User understands and agrees that the Service is not a party to transactions between Users, does not provide financial services, nor does it provide services for storing, transferring, exchanging electronic money and Money, and exchanging them for crypto-currencies.


All transactions on the Service are conducted directly between Users.


The user is obliged to carefully read the above Terms and from time to time to check them for changes during the entire period of using the Service. In the event that the User disagrees with these Terms completely or partially at any time, he must stop using the Service.


The Service has the right to make changes and additions to these Terms at any time without prior and subsequent notification. Such amendments and additions come into force from the moment they are entered into these Terms. The Service is not responsible for the fact that the User at any time was not familiarized with the current edition of the Terms.


Using the Service, the User guarantees that he has reached the age of eighteen and has all the rights, powers and possibilities for concluding this agreement by accepting the Terms and their further observance.


Using the Service, the User guarantees that he understands the principle of Bitcoin operation and all potential risks associated with the use of crypto currency, and therefore waives any claims to the Company or the Service for possible losses that the User may incur as a result of using the Service, and which are associated with the incorrect operation of the Service.


The Service is not responsible for changes in the Crypto-Currency Rates on the Service. By agreeing to these Terms, Users will waive any claims to the Company related to the User's losses incurred as a result of the change in the Crypto-Currency Course on the Service.

The Service has the right, at its own discretion, without giving any reasons, to refuse to provide access to the Service's capabilities to any User.



The User agrees that on his e-mail, specified at the registration, will come the distribution, which is the information part of the service. The user can unsubscribe from it, but in this case he is fully responsible for possible failure to receive important information and losses incurred for this reason or lost profits or other real or potential damage.


For its part, the service undertakes to use the user's e-mail only for notifications related to the work of the exchange, and not to transfer it to third parties and / or companies in any cases.




US citizens are prohibited from using the service. In case of violation of this rule, the service has the right at any time to deny access and freeze funds on an account owned by a US citizen.



After registration in the system the User gets access to the Account in the Personal Area. The user can perform operations on the Service using his Account and the Personal Account.


The Personal Cabinet contains all the information necessary to replenish the Account or to remove the Title Signs from the Account.


Replenishment of the Account occurs by crediting the Title Signs in accordance with the details specified by the Service in the Personal Area.


Replenishment of the account in the Bitcoin Title Bits (BTC) is carried out by transferring Bitcoin from the Bitcoin-purse of the User to the Bitcoin-purse of the Service.


On the User Account, the credited Bitcoin or Cash will be displayed in an equal amount of the corresponding title signs.


The minimum allowed volume for replenishment of the Bitcoin account is -0.001 Bitcoin (BTC).

The service does not charge a commission for replenishment of the Account.


Any fees or other mandatory payments for the transfer of funds raised by the bank or non-bank financial institutions are paid by the User independently.


The Service undertakes to keep the Bitcoin Account entered on the Bitcoin Account on the relevant Bitcoin-purse of the Service, maintain its automatic accounting, ensure its availability for exchange, and provide Users on their request, in accordance with these Terms.


Service is not a payment system or a payment transaction operator, therefore it provides exclusively technical accounting of Money, expressed in title signs credited to the User Account.


The Service does not perform operations on transfer or storage of Users' funds. Service is not responsible for the actions of any such third parties.


All transactions with the Title Marks are carried out exclusively at the request of the User in his Personal Area.


All the Title Marks placed on the Account belong to the User. The Service has no right to block, as well as initiate the writing off of the Title Signs from the Account without the corresponding User's order.


To display the Title Signs from the Account, the User fills the corresponding form in the Personal Area.





The service provides information support for the exchange of Bitcoin Cover Stamps (BTC) for Title Signs and vice versa.


Exchange transactions between users of the system occur on the basis of Orders, which Users place according to the rules of the Service.


Placement of an Order is an offer of one User to all other System Users to conclude a deal, on the conditions specified in the corresponding Order.


Essential conditions of the exchange deal indicated in the Order are the following requisites:

- the name of the Title Marks, which are offered for exchange;

- the direction of the Order, between which the title signs are exchanged;

- The limited volume of Title signs that are offered for exchange;

- exchange rate.


To ensure the fulfillment of obligations under placed Orders, for the duration of the Order's operation, the User's account in the Personal Area must contain the amount expressed in the Title Signs at least equal to the amount that corresponds to the total volume of all registered User Orders.


Every User's Order is registered in the Service only after checking the availability of the required volume of Title Marks to fully ensure its obligations under the relevant Orders.



Operations are conducted based on Orders submitted by Users. The execution of an Order is an act of management of the Service with the purpose of conducting an operation on the conditions specified in the Order.


After the registration of the Order, the Service provides automatic offsetting of Orders with observance of the equivalence of exchange established by Users.


The user can change the order parameters, as well as withdraw the Order at any time until it is fully executed.


An exchange deal is deemed to be made if another User registers in the System an Exchange of the opposite direction with the same exchange rate for which an operation can be performed in accordance with these Conditions.


Orders can be executed in full or in part. In case of partial execution of the Order, the System automatically registers the Order for the amount that is the difference between the amount of the initial Order and the amount of the executed Order.


In case of execution of the Order, the System performs automatic offsetting of the Title Signs between the Accounts of the Users in accordance with the executed Orders.


By placing the Order, the User agrees that in the event of the execution of the Order, the automatic withdrawal by the Service of Title Signs from the Account of the User, as well as the automatic charging of Title Signs to the Account of the User, shall be deemed to be those that are performed by the System upon the User's request.


All actions related to the placement of the Order, its modification or execution are displayed in the Personal Area of ​​the User.


Orders queued and not recalled by users who have issued them are there until such time as they are executed.


The delivery of funds accounted for in the form of Title Signs in accordance with the Terms of Service shall be made directly between the Users in the terms established by them under separate agreements concluded through the Service.



Agreeing with these Terms, Users confirm that they own money and crypto currency on legal grounds. If funds that belong to third parties are used to make transactions through the Service, then the Users themselves are liable to third parties for these funds.


Since, according to the provisions of these Terms and the applicable legislation of Ukraine, the Service is not a party to the exchange transactions between Users, accordingly, it is not liable to third parties for observing or violating the obligations of Users to them and is not party to any disputes or litigations , which may arise with such third parties.




It is forbidden to use the Service to conduct fraud and any other illegal transactions, including using credit and payment cards illegally obtained.


It is prohibited to use the Service as a tool for financing transactions or activities for which administrative, criminal or civil liability is provided under the laws of Ukraine.


In case of revealing questionable operations on the part of Users, access to the Personal Area may be limited for an audit for a period of 24 hours to 30 working days.


In case of repeated violation of these Terms and Conditions, the Service has the right to cancel the User's Personal Account with mandatory return of all funds, warning the User about it by sending the appropriate e-mail not later than 24 hours before such cancellation.




The website and other components of the Service and the Service are generally owned by the Company and protected by legislation in the field of intellectual property rights protection. All rights reserved. Service does not claim ownership of intellectual property rights, which belong to third parties.


The User acknowledges and agrees that all content and materials that are available in the Service are protected, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, know-how. Reproduction, copying or redistribution for commercial purposes of any materials or elements of the Service without the written permission of the Company is strictly prohibited.


Except as expressly provided by the Company, the User agrees not to perform actions that violate the intellectual property rights of the Company in respect of the Service, including but not limited to: sale, import, export, licensing, rental, modification, distribution, copying, reproduction, transfer, public demonstration, public performance, publication, adaptation, editing or creation of derivative works from materials, design elements or the content of the Service. The use of content, materials, other objects of intellectual property rights of the Company for any purposes not expressly indicated in these Conditions is strictly prohibited.




These Terms and Conditions are valid until terminated by one of the parties.


The User may terminate these Terms at any time by stopping the use of the Service and removing all copies of any Service components from all of his devices and equipment.


The service may contain links to third-party websites and send Users to other websites in the same Internet browser window. Such websites are not under the control of the Company; moreover, the existence of links in the Service does not imply that the Service approves such websites or that there is any connection between the owners of such websites. The Service makes no warranties or representations, and does not bear any responsibility with respect to accuracy, content, terms of use, privacy policy, goods (works, services), legality, reliability, perception, relevance, morality and other aspects associated with such websites.